Mold & Roofing in San Antonio TX

Ask any reputable Roofing Company in San Antonio and they will tell you that a roofers top task and a homeowner’s nightmare, can be mold.

The reason is that mold is not simply a simple matter of roof repairing, , a roofer must dig in deep and eliminate every possible speck of mold before it becomes a toxic mess. Find out about the best types of shingles in San Antonio TX here.

According to Web MD, mold can cause mild allergic reactions such as runny nose, sneezing, skin rash, or red eyes. However, people with serious mold allergies can experience severe shortness of breath and asthma attacks.

Both children, infants, the elderly, and people with reduced immune systems are particularly affected.

In 1994 for example, 8 infants developed severe mold symptoms within a number of weeks of each other in Cleveland, Ohio. All of them developed bleeding within the lungs, a condition called idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage. One of the infants died.

Therefore, mold is not a condition to take lightly. In fact, San Antonio Texas Roofing contractors are often called upon by landlords whose tenants claim the home or apartment has become uninhabitable.

Mold and mildew growth, commonly the result of unresolved water leaks and flooding, can make a rental totally uninhabitable and risk losing not only a good tenant but valuable revenue.

 How does a roofing repair firm get a handle on mold?  

First of all, mold spores are ever-present in the environment. Even the best roofing companies, equipped with the most modern germicides, can’t eliminate mold like it was a pest that can be sprayed out of existence.

However, mold does not grow and spread without moisture. If you have mold in your attic or on your living room or kitchen ceilings, it means you have a roof leak.

So the first thing your roofing contractor needs to do is fix the leak. It could be as simple as a damaged or torn shingle that is letting in water but don’t count on it necessarily being that easy.

You may experience water leaks in your roof from decomposing or cracked flashing underneath the tiles. Another cause is the valleys of your roof where two planes of your roof come together are not sealed properly.

Another common cause of leaks is from your roof venting. Roof ventings are those areas of your roof that look like small smokestacks, and their purpose is actually to vent excess moisture out of your house.

However, the flashing around the roof vent can easily leak, letting in moisture.

Many people, particularly in older homes, develop chimney leaks. The chimney is sealed with mortar, which essentially is just sand, water, and cement. It’s easy to develop leaks in harsh weather.

A common issue in snowy regions is ice dams. Despite it being cold outside, the house is warmer than the outside, and snow melts. Ice dam build-up keeps the water from flowing away from the house properly.

Finally, gutter clogging causes rainwater to back up and the rain will then leak into cracks in the roof.

All of the above are reasons why you need a good roofing firm should be called in to investigate and fix all leaks. You don’t want to be on your roof trying to solve the problem yourself.

 Mold removal  

It should be noted that once a roofing firm identifies and fixes the leaks that caused the mold problem, usually their portion of the job is finished. But you still need to get rid of the mold.

Most homeowners call in a mold specialist company. They will go into your attic, check for mold in the ceiling behind the insulation, check the ductwork for leaks, and use antibacterial sprays to get rid of mold.

A good mold company will also firmly check your vents. Attics use a passive ventilation system to distribute air through the attic. Outside air comes into the vents at the bottom, of the roof, warms up within the attic, and then, because hot air rises, escapes through ridge vents at the top of the roof.

However, it’s often discovered that the inflowing vents where the air comes into the attic, is completely blocked by insulation. As a result, the passive ventilation system is interrupted and within the attic, warm, air will often coalesce onto wood sheathings, the result being water.

Once these issues are corrected and germicide is applied to all of the mold areas and scrubbed clean, homes generally will remain without mold for many years.

However, professionals need to be called in both for the roof repair, and also for the mold removal.…

Who Is That On Your Roof?

When hiring any company to do a job, you want the very best that you can find. You don’t just want any company handling such an important task. Instead, you want to find a company that has been in the business for a very long time. The amount of time that a company has been in business is not the only metric that should matter. You want a company that also has a very good reputation for doing an excellent job, and providing world-class customer service. In the simplest terms, you want a company who can get the job done on multiple levels. It is only this type of roofing company that you should consider hiring.

How To Find The Best Roofing Contractor

No matter how affordable any roofing company might be, roofing repairs are never cheap. Of course, you can save money by finding a company who can do a very good job at an excellent price. The point that is being made is that who you choose as your roofing contractor is very important. Matter of fact, who you choose as your contractor can make or break your entire experience. Roofing work is very important because your roof is the one thing that protects the top of your house from all of the elements. Anyone who has experienced any type of roofing damage knows how important having a properly installed roof is.

Finding the right contractor for the job does not have to be a difficult task. We might even argue that finding an excellent contractor is actually quite easy. One thing that we must establish is that not all roofers are created the same. The roofing industry is like many other roofing industries around the world. Within the roofing industry, you have companies who are good and companies who are bad. The majority of companies are simply just average. Your job is to find a good roofing expert for a good price.

It will take a little bit of research to find the right contractor for the job, but with the internet it is not that difficult at all. The things that we suggest that a quality company possesses are the things that our company prides itself on. The elements that we suggest a good company has are the things you should look for in any company you are considering hiring.

The Master Clues

There is a saying that we like to use when someone is considering a roof repair company, and that is “a good company leaves behind clues.” A good company will leave behind so many clues that will make it so easy to find your next roof repair company. What are the type of clues that they leave behind? A good company will leave behind tons of happy and satisfied customers. It is what these customers do that truly makes a good company happy. Happy customers tell their friends and family about their experience. These happy customers are also the people who leave positive reviews on the Internet. What this all means is that as you search for a company to repair your roof, you must ensure that they have a great reputation. The top way to figure out if a company has a great reputation is via word of mouth marketing from past customers. Alternatively, the best way for most people is to check reviews and ask for references.

Look At Their Work

Nothing quite beats taking a look at a company’s work. Initially, this might seem difficult when it comes to the roofing industry, but it is easier than you might think. Images of driving around to strange neighborhoods might conjure in your head, but that is not necessary. Find a roofing professional who has a portfolio of their work. You might find many of these contractors keep an online gallery of their work to show potential clients. Viewing before and after results will give you an excellent idea of what to expect.

Let’s Put It All Together

Finding the right professional roofers is not all that difficult, but finding the right company for the job will take a little bit of work. In the age of the Internet, this is made a lot easier. With the Internet, it is easy to take a look at customer reviews, and it is simple to view a gallery of a contractor’s results. Research their reputation, look at their work, contact them to have a conversation, and you should end up with a quality company.…

7 Strategies Homeowners Should Use When Choosing Roofing

If you want to install or repair your existing roof, you need to work with contractors who can professionally perform your task. Therefore, getting the right company to carry out this task is a critical factor that every homeowner must consider. Problems arise when you have to choose your contractor from a vast number of potential roofers. This article articulates some of the fundamental factors that you should check before hiring a roofing contractor.

1. Industrial Experience

For any practical work, longevity is an essential factor. Having a contractor that has installed and repaired hundreds of similar roofs gives you confidence and guarantees that your work will be handled professionally. As such, hiring a contractor who has been in the industry for more than five years is the best strategy that you can incorporate. This does not mean that new roofing contractors are not equipped enough to handle your roofing needs. However, new companies need to consistently prove that they can deliver quality every time they are trusted to handle a specific roofing project.

2. Training and Certifications

Employees of any company handling roof installation projects should be trained and certified by the federal and state authorities. Training equips technicians with the knowledge that is needed in meeting state and federal building codes. Roof installation technicians who have not undergone the required training may not have the right information concerning the local building requirements. As a homeowner, any home improvement project is strictly checked by local authorities, and as such, working with qualified and certified technicians should be paramount.

3. Environmentally Friendly

The issue of environmental sustainability is now turning into a significant trend in roof installation and repair. Therefore, the company that handles your roofing needs must be aware of this trend and incorporate sustainability practices into your roof. Having a roof that helps keep your house cool during summer or insulated in winter will come in handy. Also, a company that recycles most of the roofing materials will help you to lower roof repair expenses.

4. Warranty Options

To protect yourself against future roofing expenses, you must choose a company that has beneficial warranty options. The warranty program should be expressed in its writing so that you can comprehend everything that is written and thereby avoid future conflict. Different companies offer varying warranty programs. Always consider the companies that are willing to provide a lengthy warranty program as this will shield you against unseen roof replacement or repair expenses.

5. Pricing Strategies

In most cases, a considerable number of homeowners tend to choose a company that has cheaper pricing strategies. Although this is the right decision, especially when working on a budget, it may not be the best when it comes to quality. Therefore, before you get attracted to the prices on offer, it is essential to analyze the materials and techniques used by each company. Although choosing the most expensive company may not be economical, it is always useful to avoid the lowest quote as this could be a sign of low quality work.

6. Customer Satisfaction

To get the best value for the amount of money you will spend, you must look for a roofing company that offers unmatched customer satisfaction. The entire contract should be handled to your specifications and directions. A company that completes projects without delays and clears from the site immediately without leaving debris and waste is considered to have excellent customer relationship skills. Online reviews are essential in highlighting a company that has been offering customer satisfaction. Neighbors, friends, and family members can help you choose a roofing entity that provides unmatched customer satisfaction.

7. Open Communication

Working with a roofer who doesn’t answer calls or respond to your inquiry letters can be frustrating. The exchange of messages between homeowners and the company installing or repairing the roof should be seamless. In such a large and expensive project, exchanging information immediately eliminates delays while at the same time ensuring that there is consensus in everything that contractors are doing.

Roof installation or repair constitutes a significant infrastructural investment that needs to be handled by professional companies. Not every roofing entity nearby may offer satisfying results, which means that you have to make the right decisions when choosing a company to engage when it comes to roofing activities. If you incorporate some or all the factors discussed above when choosing roofing companies, there is no doubt you will get it right in your roof installation, repair, or replacement project.…

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