: Backstory



I write songs and sing with Go West. Richard and I began that journey in 1982 and are still writing, recording and performing. You can read that story at www.gowest.org.uk..

By 1993 the pressures of writing, recording and promotion as GW had taken their toll on my relationship with Richard. Yes - on some levels we were ‘living the dream’ - but you’ll have to trust me when I tell you that I needed a different creative outlet..

So. I relocated to Los Angeles in the spring of 1994. LaLaLand is a strange place when you first visit - it may not be for everyone, but over the years I had grown to love the long days, the beautiful light - and the sunshine. It felt like home. Once I was settled I began writing songs for my last ‘major label’ CD, ‘Peter Cox’. I recorded most of it there with Peter-John Vettese, who played keyboards in the first live incarnation of Go West and is, in my opinion, a bloody musical genius. I’m still really happy with many of the songs we wrote for that album.

I had some UK success with my first solo single, ‘Ain’t Gonna Cry Again’. I’ll spare you the predictable record company sob story which followed - you’ve doubtless heard others like it elsewhere! Ask me at a show somewhere if you’re interested. Since then I’ve recorded independently, helped by many talented friends without whom there would have been fewer releases. I am in their debt. I’ve appeared on a reality TV show. I sang for a year in Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. I’ve gigged around the world. I’ve become a guitar collector. I’m more and more mystified by the ‘industry’ in which I work. And yet..

In the summer of 2012 I recorded my latest CD, ‘Riding The Blinds’, which was released early 2013. It’s a collection of songs in the ‘Americana’ genre - new territory for me, and perhaps not what one might have expected! I’m grateful for the positive reaction it has received. You can find a link to buy it elsewhere on the site. I played a select few shows in December of 2012 to launch it and filmed and recorded a DVD which is almost complete at the time of writing. Watch this space...

I’m already some way into my next CD - something different again. I’m writing songs for it now and plan to record and complete it in the summer - if summer ever gets here!.

It’s been a long, thrilling, frustrating, exciting road - and yet it stretches out ahead. If you’ve bought a CD or come to a show - it is you who make it possible for me to keep doing what I love to do - the only thing I have ever wanted to do. Thank you.